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Anhui introduction

Home to Taoism, one of the two pillars of traditional Chinese culture;The birthplace of typography, one of the Four Great Inventions of ancient China;The Cradle of Anhui Opera, a major source of Peking Opera, the quintessential national opera;And the origin of China’s ru...[more]


About EXPO

For implementing totally strategic deployment of building innovative country and produce great power in19th CPC National Congress, following deeply the speech spirit of inspecting Anhui of General Secretary XI Jin-ping, to enhance ability of innovation in manufacturing and train advantages of international economic cooperation and competition rapidly so that build new area of inland opening-up. The 2018 World Manufacturing Convention and 2018 Anhui Investment & Trade Expo (China) will be hold between May 25th to May 27th in Hefei.Convention Theme: Based on theme of “Innovation-driven, Manufacturing Lead, embrace revolution of world new industry”, guidance of XI Jin-ping’s the thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era, strategic deployment of building innovative country and produce great power, focus on “The Belt and Road”, pushing the work forward of advanced manufacturing innovative development and open cooperation. Not only to make a upmarket platform, a image display platform and a opening-up cooperation platform of world manufacturing innovative development, but also a cooperation grand meeting which has an upmarket intelligent manufacture level with interna...